Cairo A Abstract Rug Hallway Runner
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Introducing our May Flower Collection, a machine-woven rug crafted with precision and care in China. With a low pile height of 2mm, this rug offers a soft touch and a comfortable feel underfoot. Its construction using a blend of cotton and polyester ensures both durability and a cozy ambiance in any living space.

Origin: China

Construction: Machine-woven

Thickness: 2mm

Weft Yarn: Cotton

Warp Yarn: Polyester

Pile Yarn: Cotton and Polyester

Care Instructions:

Regular Vacuuming: Keep your rug clean and free from dust and debris by vacuuming it regularly.

Stain Removal: For spot cleaning, gently treat stains by hand using warm water, liquid soap, or carpet detergent.

Avoid Bleaching Chemicals: Protect the rug's integrity and color by refraining from using bleaching chemicals.

Gentle Cleaning: When cleaning, avoid using a hard brush, as it may damage the fibers of the rug.

Proper Drying: After cleaning, ensure that the rug is not soaked in water. Instead, allow it to dry in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight. This will help maintain its quality and prevent any potential fading.