Persian Rugs Vancouver

Persian Rugs Vancouver

The Most Elegant Persian Rugs You’ll Find In Vancouver

Persian rugs and carpets are works of art – with the skills needed to weave these intricate pieces of beauty passed down from generation to generation. Indeed, there is nothing like the feel of a delicately knotted vintage Persian rug under your bare feet. 

Why you need a Persian carpet or area rug at your home in Vancouver:

Persian rugs and Persian carpets have been in use to insulate homes for thousands of years. Over time, they evolved to become statements of style as well. 

  • Functionality:

A well-made Persian rug keeps your feet warm in winters as they act as insulation against the cold floors making them ideal barriers against the mild Vancouver cold. Delicately woven silk Persian carpets on the walls not only help trap the heat in but also act as sound absorbing barriers to give your home that plush feel.

  • Timeless Elegance:

Hand-knotted vintage rugs add style and elegance to your floors and walls. Persian rugs have been trendy for thousands of years, it doesn’t seem likely to change anytime in the future. You can choose from a variety of styles and knots to add some understated sophistication to even the most modern décor. Learn about the various styles and knots and where they come from to play the part of a connoisseur. 

  • Own a Piece of Art:

Every woven Persian carpet is unique – from the vibrant colours to the patterns. Carpet weavers are so skillful that it is said that each carpet has one deliberate flaw in the knots to avoid the sin of pride that comes with perfection. Imagine owning a piece of art so beautiful that its maker felt the need to insert the smallest of defects to make it human. As Persian rugs are meant to withstand the trials of time, and use, they are often passed down as heirlooms.

  • Great for Gifts:

Silk or vintage Persian carpets make unique gifts that your loved ones will treasure for a long time to come. 

Where you will find Glara Shop Rug Store

At Glara, we want everyone in Vancouver and the lower mainland to have access to the splendor and comfort that Persian rugs and carpets bring which is why we have stores in four locations -- Lougheed Mall in Burnaby, Capilano Mall in North Vancouver, Guildford Mall In Surrey and Tsawwessen Mills Mall in Tsawwessen. You can choose from a selection of some of the finest Persian, Turkish, and Oriental carpets and area rugs in Canada. Our rugs come in several styles to suit your taste, budget, and existing home décor.

If you aren’t sure which Persian carpet or area rug suits your Vancouver home the best, we are happy to send you two different pieces so you can actually see them in place before you make that important final decision. We also work with a team of interior designers who can help you choose the perfect colors, patterns, and carpet sizes for your home.

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