Arya Black Dinning
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The dining room unit is created in a modern fashionable style with a clean design which will beautify the room it occupies.

This remarkable table features a black color that makes it a distinct theme among others.

Arya Black Dinning is created from the premium quality wood known as Beech and MDF. It's top fabricated with leather and velvet fabric. The wide dining table is perfect for great parties or personal occasions. 

The standard height chairs 500 x 600 x 980 mm offer comfortable seating as well as a modern design. The chairs feature hyper foam-filled seats with a tightly wrapped fabric.

Durable and stable chairs are designed to provide a great amount of relief to the spine and decrease the chances of back pain.

The standard size and stylish modern design make it an attractive piece of furniture for the living room.

The modern, comfortable and durable dining set is a good choice if you’re looking for a great dining experience with friends and family.

The console and showcase are equally likely as stylish and durable as that of the dining set. You can purchase it as a complete dining unit or partial furniture items. 


  •  Console Mirror (W x H): 1600 x 900 mm
  • Console (W X L x H): 2000 x 530 x 800 mm
  • Showcase (W X LX H): 1250X530X 1650 mm
  • Dining Table(W XL X H): 1000x2050x770 mm
  • Dining chair (W XL XH):  500 x 600 x 980 mm 


  • Price includes table and 6 chairs
  • The table fits 8 chairs
  • Each extra chair costs $400
  • Console +mirror price $1850
  • Showcase price $1650


  • Made in Turkey
  • Velvet and leather chairs
  • Beech and MDF wood


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