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Why You Should Invest In a Premium Rug over a Cheap Supermarket Rug

Why You Should Invest In a Premium Rug over a Cheap Supermarket Rug

When purchasing a carpet for investment purposes, choose a Premium Rug composed of high-quality wool or silk. Aside from the cheap supermarket rug.

Here are the following reasons you should invest in a Premium Rug over a Cheap Supermarket Rug.

It Changes The Way You Live

When you acquire a high-quality or premium rug, you will be really delighted. Your area will come alive, and every aspect will welcome you home when elegantly paired with quirky home decor accessories. Allow your creativity to go wild, or seek advice from a professional house decorator. A high-quality rug may provide tremendous value in addition to the money paid.

Adds Value

Rugs of superior quality, particularly Oriental and Persian, do not degrade in value but rather gain in value. Values vary based on the quality of the materials, the number of hours of labour and details involved, and the item's size. Carpets or rugs with a higher knot density and larger sizes, particularly oversized classic rugs, tend to keep their worth better since they demand larger looms and more effort. Trends and fads come and go rapidly; thus, traditional rugs designs keep their worth the best. The uniqueness and style of your rug are also essential aspects of its long-term value.

traditional rugs

Knots Density

The density and quality of handmade rugs are determined by the number of knots per square inch. Premium rugs have up to 290 knots per square inch, allowing for more precise creative motifs. Area Rugs with 30 knots per square inch seem rougher, whereas patterns with fewer knots per inch do not move as well. An artist can add additional colour variations and tones by increasing the knots per inch.

If You Have Kids, It Is Essential

The desire for parents to buy inexpensive carpets because of the mess their children make is powerful. The disadvantage is that they rarely enjoy the carpets. They just feel they are making the best financial decision. But high-quality living room rugs can be the best investment decision. When you invest in such a premium rug, it will withstand spills and stains from your children while still looking great. So investing in a high-quality rug is actually a cost-effective decision in the long run.

Form and Appearance of the Rug

The imperfections in the rug distinguish a premium rug from a cheap supermarket rug. Even the greatest carpets will have some abnormalities or imperfections, but when the dimensions of square or rectangular rugs are uneven on different sides, they are created swiftly and cheaply. With no curling edges or uneven sides, high-quality luxury rugs lay flat and evenly on the floor's surface. Rugs created on the cheap might often seem washed out, overly shiny, or bright.

Synthetic fibres should be avoided.

Avoid choosing a rug made of synthetic fibres if you want a high-quality rug. Rugs made of nylon or propylene are suitable for a kid's room since they are sturdy and soft, but also less expensive and mass-produced. On the other hand, wool fibres are used in the best rugs, which may last up to 100 years properly handcrafted.

 Machine-Made, Hand-Made, or Flat-Weave

The quality and expense of a rug are determined by the rug maker's abilities, the rug-making method, and how long it takes to manufacture a rug. Hand-knotted rugs or carpets are the highest quality among handmade rugs. However, Flat-weaving and hand-tufting require substantially less time than hand-knotting. Flat-weaving is a technique that includes weaving yarn strands to produce a rug's design based on a sketched pattern on a loom.

 Lifespan of Rug

It's difficult to estimate an accurate rug lifespan because it depends on your home's unique circumstances and the space in which the carpet is installed. On the other hand, modern rugs may endure up to 15 years and occasionally even longer if properly cared for. Of course, several things influence this, such as the type of carpet you choose, such as wool or artificial, whether you choose a high or low pile rug and the amount of usage it receives. In general, the features that contribute to a more premium rug, such as wool and high-quality fibres, will result in a more robust and long-lasting rug.

Look and Feel

Most innocent observers would be able to see the difference between a cheap and a premium rug if you asked them to walk on both. More expensive contemporary rugs will feel more comfortable underfoot, and the quality of the strands and materials, and the colour and design, will be more prominent. On the other hand, a low-cost rug will have a shorter shelf life, seem old and filthy, and almost certainly need to be replaced much sooner than a higher-cost rug.

contemporary rugs

Final Thoughts

That’s it! After reading this article, I hope you have got enough reasons why investing in a premium rug over a cheap supermarket rug is a perfect idea.

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