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Why Do the Prices of Rugs Vary So Much?

Why Do the Prices of Rugs Vary So Much?

If you are looking for a rug online or offline, you're likely wondering why some are more expensive than a vehicle while others are more affordable than a bicycle.

Here's a brief insight into why rug costs vary so much and how to get the rug you're looking for.

Below I am sharing the most important factors that influence rug pricing:

Construction of a rug

The technique by which a rug is manufactured is also an essential aspect in determining its pricing. For example, a rug might be entirely handcrafted, entirely machine-made, or a combination of both.

The more costly choices are often loomed by hand and might take anything from days to months to finish. These carpets are sometimes referred to as hand-knotted rugs. These carpets have a high knot count, which gives them that excellent soft feel and vibrant colours. In addition, handmade rugs are more resilient and, with appropriate care, may survive for decades. Machine-made or power-loomed carpets or rugs are a less expensive alternative to expensive hand-woven rugs. However, while these choices are less expensive, they have a lower knot density and a looser weave, making them less durable over time.

You might also hear the phrase "hand-tufted rug," which refers to a rug woven partially by hand and partially by a machine.

 Size of Rug

It may seem self-evident, but the larger the rug, the more expensive it is. This is because carpets or rugs are sold by the square foot or square metre.


Country of Origin of the Rug

The location of a rug manufacturer has a significant impact on the price of the rug. Countries with lower labour costs and fewer environmental laws will be less expensive. If applied while importing and exporting, tariffs will be incorporated into the pricing. Rug weaving skills and expertise are typically passed down generations, and nations with the longest history tend to have the finest Modern rugs.

The majority of rugs are created in Asia, where the majority of rug types were developed. India, China, Egypt, and Turkey are the most popular countries for rug production.

  • Hand-tufted and hand-hooked rugs are made in China, including shag and outdoor rugs. China also has more access to synthetic fibres, making it a global leader in this field.
  • Egypt, like China, produces a huge quantity of shag and outdoor rugs but prefers to use machine-made techniques rather than hand-tufted ones. Egyptian producers use a Wilton loom to power-loom their fabrics, which is a system that controls the feeding of pile strands into the weave to create patterns.
  • India is known for its beautifully created hand-knotted rugs, but it also produces a significant number of hand-tufted carpets. Most Indian producers employ wool in their products, although the country also produces synthetic fibres.
  • Turkey, like Egypt, makes machine-made rugs using a power-looming technology. As a result, Turkish and Egyptian firms use many of the same methods, and the two countries frequently compete.

Rug Material

The quality of a rug is determined by the material it is constructed of and how long it will survive. The durability and ease of maintenance of materials are frequently the most significant differences between them, durable materials and those that are more difficult to come by raising the cost of the rug.

Natural fibres, such as wool, cotton, or silk, or synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester, are the most popular materials used in rugs. However, these contemporary rugs are more costly because the natural fibres go through a growth process.

Durability of Rugs

Durability refers to how long these carpets will endure, how resistant they will be to harm, and how easy they will be to maintain. You won't have to buy a replacement rug for several decades if you invest in a more lasting and pricey rug. Compared to less durable carpets with a lifespan of 3-5 years, this will result in a superior overall value. Several distinct aspects influence a rug's overall durability. Wool, nylon, polypropylene, jute, sisal, and seagrass are durable materials. The most expensive is, of course, wool. Polypropylene is less expensive, but some people find it uncomfortable.

The weaving of the rug also adds to its overall robustness. Hand-knotted rugs, hand-tufted area rugs, and hand-hooked rugs are the most durable. Machine-made rugs are far less durable, generally lasting less than ten years.

Wrapping Up

The more handcrafted a rug is, the higher the price, the longer it will last, the easier it will be to clean, and the more distinctive it will seem. This is because they tend to use higher-quality materials, keep their worth longer, and have more personality. On the other hand, lower-cost carpets or rugs may be a better option if you don't want to clean the rug and want to change your home's decor every few years.

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