Persian rug

Tips for Purchasing a Persian Rug

Tips for Purchasing a Persian Rug

Persian rugs can be easily identified by the gentle shades and the luxurious appeal. When you look at these rugs, the first thing you will notice is the elegance and the grand charm that the rugs exude. The entire patina and these rugs' integrity make the Persian carpets different from any other rugs. Connoisseurs and experts will tell you that by installing a Persian rug in your home, you can change the décor of your home. In addition, the subtle appeal of a Persian rug can help highlight the other furnishings and furniture in your home. However, there are certain aspects of a Persian rug that you must before you purchase one. Some for buying a Persian rug are as follows:

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  1. Check the price

When you plan on purchasing a Persian rug, you must decide on a price range. The primary reason for this is these carpets can be quite expensive. The prices of the carpets depend upon the material with which the rug is made. Most Persian carpets are made either from wool or silk. Sometimes you can get Persian rugs made from cotton, but these are rarer. The silk Persian carpets are more expensive, but these have a more luxurious and elegant appeal. If you plan to install the carpet in your formal dining room, you can opt for the more expensive silk Persian carpet. If you are trying to stay within a budget, you can purchase a Persian rug made from wool.

  1. Understand the shape of the room

When you are purchasing a carpet, it is essential to check the shape and size of the room. Most Persian rugs are rectangular, but they mustn't look out of place in the room. The size of the carpet should be such that it fits perfectly in the middle of the room, leaving sufficient space surrounding the rug. You do not want the rug covering the room wall to wall. It would tend to overwhelm the room. Persian carpets are more subtle and elegant, and these are best placed in the middle of the room. In addition, these tend to draw attention simply because they are exquisite pieces of art. Hence, you do not need to overwhelm a space with an outsize piece of carpet.

  1. Choose a carpet that complements the décor of the room.

The color of the carpet that you select should complement the color and décor of the room. Persian rugs are usually available in pastel shades, primary colors, and even paisley shades. But these carpets have an intrinsic brightness to them. Therefore, when you select a rug, the color and design should be such that it should enhance the room's overall color and highlight the furnishings there. The carpet should also not overwhelm the furniture in the space. The furniture is already installed in the room, and you cannot change these to suit your carpet. Instead, you should select a rug that complements the furniture in the room. Remember, the rug and the décor of the room should complement each other.

  1. Evaluate whether you want a handmade one or a machine-made one

Handmade Persian rugs can prove to be quite expensive, but at the same time, these are known for their durability. Handwoven Persian rugs have been known to be handed down for generations, and these have been known to withstand rough usage.  But these can be pretty expensive. Compared to it, the machine-made Persian rugs can be cheaper and have similar patterns. But you cannot expect similar durability or equal appeal. These rugs can be easily distinguished from handmade ones. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate whether you want to purchase a handmade Persian rug or a machine-made one accordingly.

  1. Check the pile of the rug.

When you purchase a Persian rug, you must check it thoroughly. One of the ways to do so would be to lay it flat and evaluate the pile. The pile is the weaving of the rug, and it should be of the same height. This is applicable whether the rug is handmade or machine-made. The pile should be such that the carpet should lie flat when you place it on the floor. If the carpet is not lying balanced and certain parts of the rug tend to stay raised, there is something wrong with the weaving. This means you need to check out another rug. This can happen very quickly in a handmade rug due to the irregularity of weaving.

  1. Check the quality of the carpet.

Most Persian carpets are made of natural fibers like wool, cotton, silk, or jute. However, if you look at the modern-day Persian rugs, you will also get ones made of synthetic fibers. Now, if you are looking for a premium quality carpet, you have to opt for one made from natural fibers. These will not cause any allergic reactions, and you can place them in your home without any fear of causing harm to your family. On the other hand, synthetic materials can cause allergic reactions, especially among young children. Therefore, if you plan to purchase a Persian carpet and install it in a place where your children are more likely to play, you should buy a Persian rug made with natural fibers.

Purchasing a Persian carpet can be an exciting experience as you will get to see a myriad of designs in the modern-day Persian rugs. Early on, the colors would be limited to primary or pastel shades, but now you might come across brighter shades of blue and red. But what distinguishes these carpets from others is the traditional pattern of the all-over layout, central medallion layout, or the one-sided layout. The floral designs and the geometric patterns on the Persian carpets make these different from other rugs. You can easily distinguish these from any other carpet. Attractive as these may seem, you must remember when you purchase these carpets that these should suit the décor of your home and enhance its overall appeal. Therefore while selecting a Persian rug, you should keep all of these in your mind.

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