Difference between Hand Knotted VS Machine Made Rugs

Difference between Hand Knotted VS Machine Made Rugs

When you look at hand knotted rug and a machine made rug, it might appear the same, especially to the untrained eye. But these two types of rugs are intrinsically different. Both rugs can help make your home beautiful, but a machine made one will add a touch of luxury and contemporary feel. If you think about it, you will understand that hand knotted rugs are the original ones steeped in history.Compared to it the machine made rugs give your home a modern and unique appeal but at a fraction of the price and much less maintenance.The design for these rugs originated in the eastern part of the world and is associated with Persia, Iran, and other parts of the Orient. But this unique art was soon emulated by artists worldwide, and the machine made Persian rugs soon became a favorite amongst homeowners across the world.The machine-made rugs are also known for their durability the versatility of design and are a preferredby homeowners looking for modern and contemporary designs. Some of the other fundamental differences between hand knotted and machine made rugs are as follows:

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  1. Weaving method

The first difference that you will find between hand knotted and machine made rugs is in the weaving patterns. Hand knotted rugs are always made on specially designed looms, and these come with an edge binding. This is necessary to hold the knots 'pile' together. But when it comes to the machine made rugs, you will get a finish that does not have any tied endings. Instead, you will get a smooth edge at the sides of the carpet. Some of the weaving differences that you can spot between hand knotted and machine made rugs are as follows:

  • Machine made rugs usually have the design printed on a computer, then imprinted on the carpet. However, in a handwoven rug, the entire structure is developed on the loom. Hence, the weaving pattern will have a definite indication of the 'knots' inserted into the rug to hold the pattern and the 'pile' which creates the design. But, in a machine made rug, weaving will appear like a printed image.
  • In a handwoven rug, you will sometimes find irregularities in the knots. You might find several such irregularities in handmade rugs. But in machine made rugs, you will not find irregularities as these are made in power looms.

It is evident that the handwoven rugs take a long time and can prove quite tedious when it comes to the weaving method. On the other hand, a machine-made rug can be woven much faster as it is carried out in a power loom. Moreover, the design that you want can be easily imprinted on the carpet. Therefore, there are specific differences in the weavings and the patterns in the two types of rugs.

  1. Longevity of the rugs

Many rug connoisseurs will tell you that a handwoven rug is a piece of art. Think about a Persian carpet! But these rugs can be extremely expensive and then you will also have to pay for maintaining these carpets. You might have even heard about Persian carpets being put up for auctions. Compared to it, machine made rugs cost less but last fairly long. These rugs can last anywhere between ten to fifteen years, depending on the usage.You can install machine made carpets in areas of your home that receives heavy traffic. But when it comes to maintenance, you must avoid using your handmade rugs roughly. Both carpets need to be well-maintained to increase their longevity. However, the intrinsic longevity of a machine made rugs is more than that of hand made one as it is not something that is considered to be a delicate work of art.

  1. Materials used to make the rugs.

There is another significant difference between hand knotted, and machine made rugs. In hand knotted rugs, you will find fringes at the edge of the carpet. This gives more integrity to the carpet. Hence, weavers prefer to use threads made of wool, cotton, jute, or silk to make the rugs. When these threads are put on the loom, these are tied. Thus, the fringes are formed to give the carpet the initial form. But there is no such requirement when a rug is being woven on a power loom. Hence, in a factory, you can use several other materials like nylon, acrylic, art silk, polyester, and polypropylene to make the rug. This makes it easier to weave the carpet and give it the desired design. Moreover, the fact that you can use synthetic materials to weave the carpets makes these rugs cheaper compared to the hand knotted ones. In the case of the hand knotted ones, weavers have to use natural materials to weave the rugs.

  1. Price of the rugs

As it is evident, the hand knotted rugs' price is much higher than the machine-made rugs. One of the reasons is that these rugs are painstakingly made by hand, and each piece is unique. Therefore, you will find it difficult to find two hand knotted rugs of similar designs. On the other hand, when it comes to machine woven rugs, they are manufactured on a large scale and are less expensive. This is one of the reasons why you should consider purchasing a machine made rugs. These carpets can enhance the look and feel of your home, without you having to get worried about it costing a fortune.


When purchasing a hand knotted rug or a machine made rug, you will have to consider your budget and your choice. If you are looking to make an investment and purchase a carpet that willrequire significant maintenance, you should opt for a hand knotted rug. But if you are looking for something contemporary, then consider coming to our Glara store where you can get all types of carpets and rugs. At Glara we believe in meeting the carpeting needs of everyone living in Vancouver. You can also pay us a visit in any one of our five locations in Lougheed Mall in Burnaby, Capilano Mall in North Vancouver, Guildford Mall in Surrey, Glara Rug Store in Coquitlam and Tsawwessen Mills Mall in Tsawwessen. You can also check our collection online and purchase it directly from our website.

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