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How to Properly Install Modern Carpets on Your Floor

How to Properly Install Modern Carpets on Your Floor

Whether you are to change your old carpet or are just about to have your very first one, carpet installation is always a good choice. Carpet flooring gives your home a luxurious and comfortable feeling. However, the installation process might be a bit difficult at times and you might be asking: How to Install Carpets on Your Floor? To help you with that, we have prepared the following steps on how to properly install modern carpets on your floor.

Before you do the installation, you need to secure the right materials needed for the installation:

  • Strip cutter – You will need this to cut the tack strip easily.
  • Staple hammer – This is used to staple the padding to the floor.
  • Knee kicker and a power stretcher – These will help you pull and cut a carpet in a neat manner.
  • Seam tape and iron – These are used to match your carpet pieces.
  • Tack Strips – Used to hold your carpet in place.
  • Carpet Stretcher – This is used to stretch your carpet while you place it. This makes sure that the installation is even.
  • Seam Roller – This puts pressure on the carpet to make the adhesive below it stick.

How to install a carpet

1. Clean the floor

This is obviously needed to ensure that the surface where you will be laying your carpet is spotlessly clean.

2. Put the tack strips in place

Tack trips help secure your carpet in place, so these trips need to be correctly nailed to the floor to make sure your carpet will be perfectly attached.

3. Place the underpad

Lay down the underpad in sections and make sure they fit well with the tack strips. Trim the excess of the underpad then cover the seams with the tape.

4. Place the carpet

Start with one piece which measures about 6 inches. Measure the carpet first and mark the carpet’s backside on both edges. You may need more than one piece of carpet to completely cover the whole area but just repeat the same step.

5. Match the carpet seams

Match the carpet seams to identify the overlapping ones. Cut through the overlapping pieces using a cutter or a knife. Then, tape the perfectly matched seams together. Finally, use the seaming iron to activate the adhesive tape.

6. Attach the carpet

Use the carpet stretcher to fully install the carpet. Repeat the process for the entire room. Lastly, trim the unnecessary or extra strips and you’re done!


After following these steps, you should be able to install a carpet on your floor successfully.

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