Ways to Properly Care for Your Rugs at Home

Ways to Properly Care for Your Rugs at Home

Everyone loves a beautiful home with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. It’s why we do the things we do and buy the things we buy, to give our homes that scintillating look. One of those beautifying articles would be rugs, or you can call it carpets.

Rugs, especially the highly aesthetic and vintage types such as the Persian rugs, create that desired effect of style and elegance in the home. Persian rugs are high-quality, skillfully-crafted, and detailed hand-knotted carpets made in modern-day Iran.

However, with the passion for art and style comes the responsibility of properly caring for those items of beautification, specifically now, your rugs. That is the way to ensure continuing beauty in your home.

Here are some really simple ways to care for your rugs at home:

Under padding

Although rugs are already a heavy covering, nevertheless, padding will give it balance, plus a soft feel. It will also serve as a wrinkle-shield. Guess it’s not only humans who need a wrinkle-shield.

On spot cleaning

Do this when there’s a spill or stain on a portion of the rug. You shouldn’t wait until the general routine cleaning; else the stain may become permanent on the carpet.


Rugs accumulate dust and dirt. Hence, vacuuming is necessary before they begin to show discoloration. You can make it a bi-weekly routine or whatever fits into your schedule.


Moisture causes rugs to smell bad. You don’t want to be embarrassed if you have guests visit you unexpectedly. So, on schedule, air-dry your rugs in an open space.

Professional washing

In the event of situations beyond your control, take your rugs to professional cleaners for a treat. Never just use any good-looking chemical on it, as this could damage the materials.

Changing direction

Finally, it’s best to change the direction of your rugs routinely, to allow for durability and even wear.

If you follow these steps, your Persian carpet or any other carpet won’t only last long but will also retain its shine.


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