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What Makes A Fine & High Quality Rug?

What Makes A Fine & High Quality Rug?

When it comes to buying a rug for yourself from the market, it might be an overwhelming experience. Basically you want a rug, which suits your preferences, has durability, is made of fine material that will last longer and most importantly is worth its price.

So here, you will be learning about a few important things which will help you in identifying the best quality rug from the others, what makes the rug high quality and what exactly to look for in the rug.

Knots Per Square Inch(KPSI);

Knots per Square Inch or KPSI is an important thing to consider in a rug. It determines the density, longevity or durability, and also how clear the pattern will look. The high KPSI rug will be of high quality. If you prefer one with lesser knots or less KPSI rug, it will not be able to last that long, especially when there is too much foot traffic on it. Even in the general use, you will be seeing much more damage sooner in the one with lesser knots. So always check the Knots Per Square Inch (KPSI) and choose the one with higher knots.


Different design houses put different amounts of time and effort into developing and designing a rug and it's totally different from country to country. But among them, authentic Persian Rugs made in Iran stand out in their quality and design, because of the perfect and unique weaving methods used in Iran. If you can clearly see the sharpness of the design and pattern, it means more time and more effort is put in the rug and its higher quality than the one which doesn't have the clarity and sharpness.

Premium Wool;

The best quality wool is produced in Iran. And almost every country like India, Pakistan and China import high quality wool from Persia itself. But these countries use only little of this Persian Wool, only to improve the final product. The Rugs made in Iran, use the premium wool totally. The sheeps over there are fed a special diet that helps them grow finer, softer and stronger wool.


A lot of kinds of dyes can be used in making a rug like different shades of black, white, red, blue, orange etc. But you need to make sure that the rug you are buying should be made of high grade pigments or natural vegetable colors used in it.

You must avoid Tufted Rugs;

There is a lot of mass production happening when it comes to rugs, most of them are either machine tufted or hand tufted, and this process takes much less time and much effort too. But the end result of these processes is not satisfactory at all. It not only produces really ugly looking rugs, but also using them will be harmful for your health.

In these tufted Rugs, the material used it totally low quality. Loose wool, harmful chemicals, etc, all of these will make your experience very unhealthy if you buy them.

So don't get tempted and buy these low quality rugs, after prefer a fine high quality rug after noticing all the things mentioned above.


Question 1. How to identify that my rug is made of wool and not any other material?

Answer 1. Here are the few things you should check;

  • Price; Wool rugs are more expensive than other synthetic material.


  • Check beneath the rug; if the rug is soft underneath, then it's a pure wool rug. Only the rugs which has harder texture are made of synthetic fibers.
  • Touch and Feel; while touching the rug, does it feel like you are touching butter? If yes. You made the right choice.
  • Absorbent test; Drop a little water on the rug, just few drops. If your rug is made of wool water will be absorbed completely and if not, water will be there.

Question 2. Is it difficult to clean a rug at home?

Answer 2. It's not difficult to clean a rug. You can use vacuum cleaner two times a month and clean it once in a year with steam or warm water. But, if you want to make your rug last longer avoid it getting dirty in the first place.

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