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Top 7 Furniture Trends That Are Ruling The Year 2022 In Vancouver

Top 7 Furniture Trends That Are Ruling The Year 2022 In Vancouver

If you are looking to give your home a trendy makeover or just thinking of adding statement furniture pieces to dazzle up your work or living spaces, knowing the latest furniture trends might be a good idea. It will give you an idea about what is new and let you pick out pieces that are fashionable and give your beloved space a touch of the trendy. Additionally, to help you pick out the right furniture, we penned a list of the top seven furniture trends that will help you to search for the best.

So, keep reading and acquaint yourself with all the chart-toppers of 2022.

Bring in the curvy

Furniture pieces that sport softer curves are very popular in 2022. So, if you are picking a bed or a sofa for your home, choose ones with rounded edges to keep it trendy. Additionally, you can ditch your rectangular rugs for some round carpets and add a touch of curvy even to your floors!

Maximalism is back

If you have been eying bolder colors and louder patterns for your furniture, 2022 is the year to let your dreams come true. So, go ahead and take your pick even if you have a thing for chunky pieces. Additionally, when looking to buy furniture online Canada, choose a reputed retailer who specializes in the trendiest range of not only furniture but also other home accessories, lavish rugs, and carpets. This way you can make the most of this trend and add multiple trendy pieces to your space.

Mix and match your furniture

Instead of keeping it uniform, you can pair different styles creatively in your space. For example, mix and match the dining room chairs or add a fun mix of furniture styles to your living room and bring out your creative side.

Statement furniture

If you are not in the mood for a complete redo but still want to jazz up your space, take inspiration from this furniture trend in 2022 and add a piece of statement furniture. This will immediately transform the room and add a zing of lavishness to the usual. An accent chair, a chunky coffee table, an eye-grabbing chest of drawers are some of the best examples.

Vintage is in

If you are a fan of old and dated furniture, this is the year to let your love for vintage shine through. Alternatively, if you are not looking for a big change, you can go online and search for vintage style rugs Canada. This way you can transform your space and easily add a touch of vintage with just a beautiful rug! Let the rug speak for itself!

Ribbed details are trendy

Ribbed patterns and details in furniture, thought to be inspired to some extent by art deco and originally seen in Roman columns, are quite trendy this year. So, choose furniture with a touch of the ribbed when adding new pieces to your space and make the most of this trend in 2022.

Add comfort with some texture

Furniture pieces made of textured textiles like velvets and tweeds or the cozy but fashionable boucle fabric is high on trend this year. So, if you are thinking of adding a touch of comfort to your space this year, textured textiles may be the trendiest way to go!

On that note, we hope this read gives you a glimpse of the trendiest furniture trends in 2022 and helps you narrow down on pieces that incorporate comfort with fashion when sprucing up your home or workspace, this year.

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