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Top 5 Home Décor Ideas Featuring Rugs

top 5 home décor ideas featuring rugs

Looking to turn down the mundane and add some excitement to your space? Well, a rug can be a cozy and trendy accent piece that can give your entire space an instant makeover. It can help tie the entire space and furniture together. Add a dash of comfort. Protect the hardwood floors at home. And, serve as a great spot for your weekend get-togethers with friends and play sessions with your children. Hence, a rug is more than just a piece of accent. It is a powerful décor item that helps bring your design ideas to life while staying high on functionality at the same time. So, use some beautiful and trendy rugs and give these five décor ideas a try. For more on this, keep reading.

Add definition to a space

If you have a very large room or a studio apartment that lacks definition or character, throw in some delightful rugs to create a variety of nooks and corners, and give each area a worthy demarcation.

For example, you can use separate rugs to define the dining and seating areas. This will help create variety and help separate definite areas in the large space. However, when looking to buy transitional rugs Canada online or any other rugs, make sure to take care to browse carefully and narrow down on a reputed retailer. This will not only ensure that you get to choose from a wide range of carpets and rugs but also make sure that whatever you end up buying is always premium quality. So, remember to search well and narrow down on the best.

Change the volume

You can add a muted rug to a room full of vibrant furniture and wall accents and tone it down by several notches to match your liking. Alternatively, you can add a loud and vibrant rug and add grandeur to an otherwise muted space. That is how much a good rug is capable of!

So, if you want to match your bright wallpaper to a loud rug, make sure you choose your furniture accordingly. Remember to create contrast as well as establish some sense of balance. Go for neutral colors when looking to buy sofa set online Canada and redecorating your living room or pick subdued tones for your bedroom set when trying to create a balance with a loud rug.

Play around with shapes

If you are only looking for rectangular rugs for your space, don’t!

Rugs don’t always have to be rectangular. You can opt for shapes like round, square and even pick up some oval pieces for your space. Just make sure it aligns with the creative vision you have narrowed down on for a particular room and arrange the furniture accordingly to balance out everything.

Create visual variety

Add multiple rugs to create visual variety. You can even layer one rug over the other or set them in an angled way.

However, when using two rugs in a single room, make sure they are not the same size. This will visually distort a room and divide it into two halves.  Hence, it defeats the whole purpose of making the room look like one continuous space. So, when using more than one rug for your space, make sure you create some sort of variety in terms of size and make your space look bigger.

For layering, choose rugs that complement each other in terms of style and have the same thickness. This will prevent the layering from looking odd.

Hang it on the wall

If you have always wanted to look for a retailer who deals in high-quality modern wool rugs Canada to invest in a trendy and cozy piece or two, you can go ahead and use them innovatively to make a wall hanging. Use this as an accent piece for your wall and add a modern and classy touch to a normal living space. What’s more? It will help create a focal point for the room and you can redecorate the entire room around it!

Now that you know of these five creative home décor ideas you can try with your favorite rugs, make sure you try out your favorite ones. Just remember to browse well online, narrow down on a renowned rug retailer, and invest in some comfortable and high-quality rugs for your space. So, go ahead and bring your makeover dreams to life, today!

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