The Different Types of Carpet

The Different Types of Carpet

When it comes to decorating our homes, we often put a lot of thought into the paint,  furniture, paintings, lamps, and other knick-knacks that we have collected over the years  – rugs and carpets can often be after thoughts. However, one of the best ways of tying in  all the different elements in a room is through a thoughtful floor covering. Depending on  your budget, you can opt for traditional silk carpets, soft pile carpets, and modern woven  rugs to add another dimension to your décor. Different patterns, sizes, and materials all  come into play to create a textured layer on the floor that is both functional and  beautiful.  

Modern Rugs and Abstract Carpets: 

Rugs are an inexpensive way to decorate your home. Different rug materials add unique  textures, colours, and styles to your floor. Modern rugs and abstract carpets typically  have Western-style patterns and colours. They work well in modern, minimalist settings  and can use bold colours and patterns to make a statement. Modern prints can also work  in more traditional homes as transitional pieces taking the space from strictly old school  to a more playful mixture of styles. Have a look at some of our various modern and  abstract offerings here

Traditional Carpets: 

Traditional carpets typically draw their inspiration from the ancient art form of carpet  weaving seen in Persian and Turkish Carpets. The main differences between the two lie  in how the carpets are knotted and their patterns – a topic that will fill a book. Whether  they have bold or muted colours, you can be sure that they will add a touch of luxury to  any décor. You will typically find traditional carpets in Persian, Turkish or Vintage styles:  

  1. Persian Carpets: Authentic Persian carpets are usually handwoven and are made of natural materials like silk. While this makes them more expensive than machine made options, you can be sure that with a  little bit of care they will last generations. Persian carpets add opulence  and luxury to any décor.  
  2. Turkish Carpets: Turkish carpets tend to have more geometrical patterns, when compared to Persian carpets, which are ‘palace-style’. Turkish carpets are perfect for a bohemian-chic feel. 
  3. Vintage Rugs: Vintage rugs typically have a distressed look that show the weave of the carpet more clearly than traditional Persian and Turkish carpets. Their patterns may be reminiscent of these carpets or  come from other regions like Afghanistan or Kazakhstan, for example.  A vintage rug adds casual elegance to any space and adds the same  luxurious feel as traditional carpets in contemporary spaces. 

Neutral Carpets

Neutral carpets are highly functional and unobtrusive. They can add a subtle pattern to a  room with a neutral colour palette or simply serve to keep your home warm and cozy. If  you have vibrant colours all over the room, a neutral carpet can also ground the entire 

space to make it look inviting and add a touch of calmness to the room. You can also use  a neutral carpet or area rug as a base to make a smaller carpet stand out.  

Soft Rugs: 

Soft rugs feel great on the feet. Shag, high pile, or faux fur all add a look of luxurious  plushness to any room. They also add texture. However, these rugs tend to need more  maintenance than others, so it can be a good idea to place them in areas with lower foot  traffic. Layer them on top of a neutral rug for some extra oomph. 

Round Carpets and Rugs: 

Many people shy away from round rugs and carpets, especially since most of our rooms  and furniture tends to be linear. But when placed correctly, round carpets and rugs can  draw the eye to a particular area of a room. Round rugs can play with perspective to  make a small room look bigger or to highlight curved furniture like a round dining table.  You can also layer a round rug on another neutral rug to create visual layers and  dimensions. Find round rugs and carpets in a variety of colours and patterns here

Area Rugs: 

Area rugs are ideal for rooms that don’t need wall to wall carpeting. They can make a  room look bigger, accentuate your furniture, or simply add art to your floor space. They  come in a variety of sizes and designs, and since they are easy to move, you can swop  rugs from room to room whenever you feel like a change. Check out our comprehensive  guide to picking out the best area rugs for your space for all the dos and don’ts. 

Hallway Carpets: 

Hallways are the first places people see when they enter your home. Adding a hallway  carpet can instantly turn your hallway into an inviting space and make your guests feel  comfortable. The patterns you choose for your carpet can also give them a tiny hint of  what to expect inside. Patterns like stripes can also make smaller hallways look bigger  and draw the eye to the interiors of the house. You can also use a runner to soften a  hard-looking floor. Browse our range of hallway carpets here

At Glara, we want everyone in Vancouver to be able to choose the right carpeting and  rugs for their homes. Visit is in one of our five locations -- Lougheed Mall in  Burnaby, Capilano Mall in North Vancouver, Guildford Mall In Surrey , Glara Rug Store in  Coquitlam and Tsawwessen Mills Mall in Tsawwessen and choose from multiple styles or  shop online now.

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