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Reasons Why High Quality Rugs Come At A High Price Rate

Reasons Why High Quality Rugs Come At A High Price Rate

Have you thought of beautifying your house with rugs? You have visited a store, chosen a rug, and finally, the price has disappointed you. Several rug buyers have shown concerns about the price. However, as rugs are one of the home decors, modern homeowners like to invest in them.

With a very tight budget, you may need to compromise quality. Surely, you do not like to replace your low-priced rugs multiple times. That is why it is safe to buy quality rugs available at a slightly higher price. But, why do contemporary rugs cost so much?

Luxury rugs with incomparable material quality-

You can find that rugs of similar designs cost differently. The major reason is the quality, which affects the ease of cleaning, longevity, and durability.

One of the commonly chosen materials for weaving rugs is wool. The renewable and sturdy material lasts a lifetime, and there is no risk of colour degradation. You can buy woollen transitional rugs that provide ultimate underfoot comfort.

Silk rugs are also costly and have a shiny look. However, some Oriental and Persian rugs have a combination of silk and wool. You can avoid using these rugs for places that receive heavy foot traffic. However, buyers with a limited budget can look for jute and polyester rugs.

Persian rugs

Hand-Knotted design-

How many knots have been created to design the rugs? The number of knots is another big factor driving up the rug’s price. Moreover, it takes effort and patience to design these carpets. Designers apply their hands to create every knot with a special weaving technique. Every day, 3 to 4 men are engaged to design an inch of the knot. You can now guess how much time is needed to create more than 500 knots. As the overall process is time-consuming, it raises the price rates.

Furthermore, the number of knots affects the quality of your rug. Thus, the higher number of knots will increase the price rates.

Vegetable dyes used for the rugs-

An authentic Persian rug is not chemically treated. Designers use vegetable dyes obtained from nature. However, the cost of these natural color dyes is very high. They are obtained from roots, flowers, and spices.

Rug weaving cost-

The most important step for manufacturing a rug is the weaving process. It is a very slow and meticulous process that increases your rug’s cost.

Thus, craftsmen who weave fibres play a role in making the rug. They work throughout the day with patience and concentration to design the rug.

After weaving the rugs and carpets, professionals wash them with chemicals and bleach. These multiple steps make the overall process time-consuming. That is why you need to pay a high amount to buy square and round rugs.

Round Rugs

Patterns and designs-

Rugs and carpets are always a work of art. They are something more than a piece of fabric. Thus, rugs with unique patterns like Kashan and Ardabil can cost a lot. You can decide on the rugs based on your budget and preference.

Size of your carpets and rugs-

The cost of your Oriental, Persian, and Turkish rugs can vary with several factors like rarity, condition, authenticity, and quality. Naturally, the bigger sized rugs can push up the price. Size of the machine-made rug may not have a significant effect on the overall cost. On the contrary, when you add every centimetre to the size of your hand-knotted rug, it will increase the price rate.

Production ethics and shortage of labour-

You may find some factors producing rugs and carpets at a high scale. They employ child labour, pay low wages, and sell the rugs at a cheaper rate. However, reliable companies always maintain production ethics to retain their reputation. It is not easy for them to find efficient weavers. Lots of weavers do not like to rely on rug weaving as their livelihoods. Although some of them engage in weaving activities, they charge high. That is why manufacturing companies set a higher price rate for rugs and carpets.

Some rugs have a certification to ensure that weavers are treated humanely and are paid fairly.

Quality finish for the rugs-

Trimming and washing are not the final steps for manufacturing rugs. There are some other techniques available to make the rugs look fine. As the manufacturers apply the best finish, you need to pay a higher amount for modern rugs. Braiding, leveling, and carpet binding are some ways of applying the finish. Moreover, it is easy to adjust the colour of carpets and rugs. There is also a special way of packing the rugs, and thus, it involves an additional cost.

Transport costs-

Packed in rolls, the rug’s cost includes the transportation charge. Every roll is heavy, and that’s why the transportation charge is high. For instance, it is costly to ship the rugs by air. Other additional charges include import tariffs, which are different in every country.

These are some reasons why high-end rugs can cost high. However, a single investment in these products can give you value for years. The designing process, materials, and several other factors can make your deal costly. Still, you can stick to your preferences while buying carpets and rugs. Nowadays, both handmade and machine-made rugs look beautiful. Rugs with more intricate designs involve a more time-consuming process. While some rugs are made of synthetic fibres, others have natural fibres. It also makes a difference in the price.

Where will you buy rugs and carpets?

As high quality rugs involve a big investment, you like to buy them from a reliable store. Glara Shop is the best destination where you can purchase these rugs. This store presents you with a big collection of home decors. You can buy transitional rugs, Turkish carpets, round carpets, and silk rugs. You can also buy sofa sets from the shop. Moreover, beautiful cushions with pillow covers are available for you.

You can visit to make your purchase. You may grab more than 50% discounts on some products.

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