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Living Room Carpet Styles for Every Home

Living Room Carpet Styles for Every Home

Maybe there was a time when people did not prefer having a carper in the living room. However, that has changed now, and the carper is back by popular demand. There was a time when a carpet in the living room was considered the heart of any home. It is not just about the good looks and designs, but the charm of a carpet is second to none. It covers all the points for softness and seductiveness. Also, when the fuel bill has constantly been rising, a carpet offers several insulation properties. The main advantage of the living room carpet happens to be the broad scope of decoration options. Thanks to the diverse range of textures and colors associated with a carpet.

Various types of carpet piles available imply that it is possible to have a wide range of feel and look, right from the deluxe luxury of Saxony to a smooth velvet pile. Whether it is wool, sisal, plain or patterned, carpets are inviting enough, and they bring a welcome warmth to your living room ideas. The best options for living room ideas are as described below:

Luxury With Wool Carpet

There can be nothing better than wool when it comes to a carpet or a rug. It is not just because of the natural fiber but also the hard-wearing qualities and the natural bounce that makes it impervious to compression and stepping. It is also soft and warm and gives a luxurious feel. Overall, it is an unmatched option.

Choice Of Colors

Although most people still prefer the neutral carpet, there are a lot of changes that have slowly come in. There was a time when gold and beige tones were common. However, these have recently been replaced with stone, gray, and taupe options. Similar to wallpaper, strong color shades have now become common in carpets. Such an approach creates an accent. As a result, plums and damsons are gradually gaining popularity in popular living room schemes.

Floor Texturing

In interior design, the texture is essential. It is more so in the case of a living room carpet. At the top end, people prefer textured carpets since they are crisp and clean. Heavy patterns are less common these days. However, the smooth surface has been replaced with ribbed, checked, and herringbone designs in the past few months.

The long deep pile exhibits a feel-good factor. At the same time, a mix of low and high pile heights can be quite affluent. It gives a carpet the much sought feel-good thing, and that too at a reasonable rate. At this point, it is worth mentioning that bouquets in solid shades are also in high demand.

Playing With Pattern

The latest trend in the living room suggests that this pattern is back again. And, it has happened in a big way. Stripes are back in the game now and are available in several colorways. These are best suited for living rooms that are not so big and the stairs. People have gradually become bold with widths and colors. It allows the creation of drama or goes for fine lines for a subtle or classic effect. Floral designs have also become quite popular. Also, there is a growing trend for designs based on flowers and animals.

Materials When Selecting A Living Room Carpet

If the preference is for an uncommon finish and effect, unpredicted fibers should be considered. There is a growing trend for artificial silk or percentage of silk so that there is a silk look but at a reasonable price.

Lama happens to be a sleek choice and is much stronger than sheep wool. In addition, it is available in a variety of non-dyed natural hues.

Natural Appearance -Plant Fiber Flooring

Floorings that are based on plant fiber are a convertible option. It is different from moving away from a rustic look to mimicking a smart and upbeat look. Like a carpet, it can be fitted similarly to a room square or a rug.

Remember that plant fiber flooring does not go well with water or humidity. Therefore, it is not a good choice for the bathroom or the kitchen. The best option is to pre-treat the floor with a stain inhibitor. Also, it is worth understanding that natural flooring is not dimensionally stable like carpet. If the preference is for longevity and comfort, a sturdy underlay would be a good option.

Made To Measure Carpet

A customized living room carpet can extend an individual look irrespective of whether it is used for a large space or a small room. Such carpets might be a bit expensive however, it is made as per a specific size, and hence there is no waste. The border can be easily customized to fit into any room. Before making the carpet, a portion is first hand-tufted for confirmation.

Woven Carpet Can Extend Quality

If quality is the top priority, one must go for a woven carpet more than anything else. It must be made traditionally. The quality of such a carpet can be instantly spotted. Since it would be a labor-intensive process involving the use of a large quantity of yarn, the price might seem to be on the higher side. However, the quality is going to be top notch. Most importantly, the finished product is going to be dense and stable.

Tufted Option

A tufted carpet is a good option. It hardly matters whether it is a plain one or a patterned one. It is made using needles by punching a pile in the backing fabric before giving a secondary backup using latex. By doing so, it increases stability and helps to keep the tufts form in place. Most of the carpets seen today are made in this way.

Variety Of Weave

The surface pile structure is a huge factor and can make a lot of difference to the look and feel of the carpet. The yarns are tightly twisted in a twist pile carpet, making it crispy. These are least likely to show any depression or wear and tear. On the other hand, a velvet carpet extends a smooth and rich effect, although there are chances of depression. Saxony carpets have a long pile and are best for bedrooms and living rooms.

Overall, wool is the best choice for a room carpet. The hard-wearing standard and softness make it resistant to compression by footstep or furniture. However, if the preference is durability, go for a wool and nylon mix. It is not only going to be erosion resistant but also low cost.

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