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Is an Oriental Rug A Persian Rug?

Is an Oriental Rug A Persian Rug?

If you are enthusiastic about rugs and carpets, you must find Persian Rugs and Oriental rugs quite intriguing. The designs and patterns of these rugs can give any home a charm and appeal than any other type of carpet cannot duplicate. If you want your home to have an elegant and classic appeal, you must have a Persian rug to enhance the décor of your home. But the question remains whether both these types of carpets are the same. Many a type homeowners tend to use Oriental and Persian rugs interchangeably. But in reality, these two types of carpets are different. Some of the differences between Oriental and Persian rugs are as follows:

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1. Origin of Persian and Oriental rugs

When you think of the origin of the two types of rugs, the first thing that crosses one's mind is that both of these carpets originated from the Eastern part of the world. However, the Persian carpet is native to Iran and Persia. You can almost say that Persian carpets are a part of the Oriental rugs. If Oriental rugs form the entire set of a particular type of rugs, then Persian carpets are a subset of it. The Persian carpet soon became more popular in the West, and trade and commerce soon took in Europe in medieval times. As Trade with the East increased and colonization of the East began, the demand for the Persian carpets also increased. Persian carpet originated in the villages of Persia, and now it is primarily done in villages of Iran. Some of the most famous places for carpets Persian carpets are Tabriz, Kashan, Herat, and Kerman.Oriental carpet weaving started in areas further to the East like China, Tibet, and India and remains native to these regions.

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2. Types of weaving

When you compare the two types of rugs, you will find a difference in the weaving of the Persian and the Oriental rugs. In the Persian rugs, the weaving pattern followed is usually in the form of knots. The knotted weaving used in Persian rugs is typically asymmetrical, and it is known as Senneh knots. The knotted weaving used in Oriental rugs is symmetrical and is known as Ghiordes knots. The weaving pattern can distinguish the carpets that are native to the region. However, you need to be aware of the weaving technique and identify the difference between the Senneh knots and the Ghiordes knots. Another factor that distinguishes the Persian carpets from the Oriental rugs is that sometimes the carpets originating from the specific villages of Iran or Persia tend to have unique weaving patterns. You can distinguish these, and it sets the mats apart from the other Oriental carpets. But the oriental carpets have a uniformity depending upon the region from where the rugs originate.

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3. Difference in design

If you compare a Persian rug with other Oriental carpets, you can immediately identify the difference in design and pattern. For example, if you compare a Persian rug with one from China, the difference in design will be evident immediately. In a Persian carpet, the design will be ones that you commonly see, such as the medallion pattern or the compartment pattern. You can distinguish it easily with the geometric designs and the typical Persian motifs. But the Chinese rug will have floral arrangements with patterns that display the Chinese heritage. You can even find Chinese rugs with animal motifs, which you will not find in Persian rugs. When you see other Oriental rugs originating from the other countries of the region, you will find several different designs true to the heritage of the respective countries. Persian rugs adhere to a strict motif, color, and pattern. Compared to Persian rugs, Oriental rugs are found in various colors, patterns, and designs. You can find Oriental rugs with landscape designs, patterns of flora and fauna, textured designs, and even a combination of colors to give the carpets a more contemporary feel. Persian carpets tend to follow a strict pattern, texture, and single color scheme.

4. Materials with which the carpets are made

Amongst Oriental rugs, it won't be very wrong to say that the Persian rugs are the most luxurious. These carpets are made from wool, silk, or goat hair. After Persian carpets gained popularity in Europe, the demand for these carpets increased amongst the European royalty. As a result, only the best quality materials began to be used to manufacture these carpets. Most weavers tried using the best quality wool to weave the rugs. Sheep that were being raised for food was now being raised for wool. The carpets also had to be oiled with lanolin, a wax that is found in domestic sheep. Lanolin is a preservative that helps increase the longevity of Persian carpets. The modern day machine-made Persian carpets are also known to last long even if these are made from synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester.  The oriental carpets were originally made from other natural fibers like cotton, silk, and jute, but nowadays are increasingly being made from synthetic fibers. It took some time for other Oriental rugs to gain similar popularity in Europe, like Persian rugs. The primary reason was the difference in the material with which the mats are made. There is a difference in the materials used in manufacturing Persian carpets and the other Oriental rugs.

If you want to purchase a carpet for your home and are looking to buy a Persian or an Oriental rug, then the first thing you should consider is the rug's design. Both types of carpets are beautiful, but Persian carpets are often considered more elegant and luxurious. If you are looking for the perfect Oriental carpet or Persian Rug then you must visit our Glara stores at any one of the five locations at Lougheed Mall in  Burnaby, Capilano Mall in North Vancouver, Guildford Mall in Surrey , Glara Rug Store in  Coquitlam and Tsawwessen Mills Mall in Tsawwessen. You can also check out our collection online and you can place your order directly from our website. Our residents of Vancouver can visit out Glara store to meet all their carpeting requirements.

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