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Importance of Replacing Your Carpet: Why, When and How to Do It

Importance of Replacing Your Carpet: Why, When and How to Do It

The best looking perfect quality carpets can last very long but there is a time when it's necessary to change them. You might not see a lot of changes on the daily basis because it's hard to notice the subtle stains and deformities happening slowly, but when you can observe the visible stains, entanglement of fibers or matting, bad smell all the time, you should know that it's time to get a new carpet for yourself. Before contacting the shop or buying it online, let's look at few main reasons to change your carpet;

  1. Your Carpet is getting old;

Normally, the life of a carpet is 5 to 15 years, and it will depend on the quality of material, its padding and where it is placed. For example, If the carpet is placed in the living room where the foot traffic is relatively higher than in the bedroom, the living room carpet will require replacement earlier than the one in the bedroom.

  1. You are not in love with the design and pattern of the carpet anymore;

It's totally possible that by time, you got bored and the design of the carpet is not giving that pleasure to your eyes like before. So it's totally valid to change the old one and get a new carpet which gives you satisfaction and makes your house prettier according to you.

  1. You are constantly trying to hide the stains;

You are moving your furniture all the time, so that the stains on your carpet flooring will not be visible to the people and you are tired of it. You should consider ending all this stress and waste of time, by changing the carpet. Also if you don't do it at the right time, the carpet will absorb the liquid even more and it will go deeper into the padding and fibers.

  1. There are visible entanglements or mating of fiber in the carpet;

Constant movements of furniture and foot traffic can cause this problem over time. Even the legs of your sofa are already making impressions on the carpet you are using in the living room if it's there for a period of time. You can get rid of these entanglements with professional help, but a lot of them simply can't be resolved. It's always better to realize this at the right time and get a new carpet before making this problem worse.

  1. Your carpet is constantly smelling bad;

There could be many reasons for that, mold, pet stains etc and these can affect the carpet material and its fibers to its core, which will make the carpet smell very bad all the time. You can try deep cleaning by yourself but if it's not working for you, time to get a new one and end the constant pain of bad smell once and for all.

  1. You are noticing Mildew and Mold;

These are forms of fungus that grow because of the exposure to the moisture and if you see it on your carpet you will get rid of it and get a new one otherwise these mold and mildew will keep on growing and keep on damaging your carpet.

  1. Allergic Reactions;

If your carpet is really old it might contain some allergens. And keeping that carpet can be very harmful for your health, especially for those people who have asthma, bronchitis and other lung related issues. Also for the normal healthy people these allergens which made home in your carpet can cause a lot of allergic reactions. If you are constantly having, cold, cough, sneezing or skin infections, old carpet might also be a reason.

Necessary Steps Required in Replacing the Carpet

After recognizing the important reasons as why and when to change your carpet, let's consider the important steps you need to take in replacing the carpet, these are as follows;

  1. Selecting the material of carpet;

There are a lot of different types of materials used in preparing a carpet and you should select the one which fulfills the needs of your family. One of the popular materials for carpet is nylon. It's easy to clean, high in durability and very comfortable. There are other materials also used like wool, polyester and triexta, these are also very much durable and long lasting. Other than material you also need to decide the kind of padding you want in your carpet. You can visit your nearby store and seek help in selecting the carpet and padding. It is also important to measure the area in square feet where the carpet will be used.

  1. Removing the old carpet

Once you buy the new carpet, the next step is to get rid of the old carpet. It can be a bit of a complicated process and also some special chemicals will be used in removing it successfully, so it's better you hire some expert in doing it for you.

  1. Cleaning the floor after the removal of the old carpet

It's very important to clean the floor properly before putting in the new carpet. You can do it by sweeping, moping and also using vacuum cleaners. If the material or adhesive is still stuck from the old carpet, seek help from someone who knows the right way to clean it without damaging your floor.

  1. Laying down the new carpet

After the floor clean process is done, now is the time to put in the new carpet. It has a few steps like putting down the padding, properly installing the carpet on it after taking the right measurements, using the right adhesives etc. Doing it by yourself can be a tricky task so it's better to hire a professional in carpeting to make the job done in the best way.


  1. Is replacing carpet a difficult task?

Answer.  You will need special tools, chemicals, adhesive etc, also if you have never done it before it will be a pain in the neck if you do it by yourself. So hire a professional who knows how it's done perfectly.

  1. What's the lifespan of a carpet?

Answer. A carpet normally lasts from 5-15 years.

  1. Is it recommended to put the new carpet on the old one?

Answer. If the old carpet is damaged, stinking, has Stains, allergens etc, it's totally not recommended as all of that will damage your new carpet as well. If the old one is in good condition and you just want to change the carpet because you got bored of the design, you can put the new one on the old carpet.

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