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Can Changing A Rug Transform The Whole Room?

Can Changing A Rug Transform The Whole Room?

Many people think that it's just a simple thing to do. But just by changing the rug you can make your room totally transformed and make it look really stunning. We will discuss thoroughly about it later, how it will be done and how to select the perfect rug for you.

A room can look totally different by doing this simple act of changing the rug, you can choose the rug of your desire and make the space feel prettier according to you. Selecting the different rugs for different seasons will add more spark and flavor to your life. You can select the kind of rug that makes your room look cooler in summers and a cozy and warm one for the winters.

You should consider the thickness, color and texture of the rug properly before buying it. There are so many variations of rugs available, solid colors, various patterns, soft and soothing types, bright and wild types etc.

What Different Colored Rugs will do to Your Room

There is a lot more than selecting a color of your rug, the color should not only enhance the decorativeness of your room but Also should express your unique style and add some meaning to the environment of the room.

Many people don't know that a color determines a lot about the energy levels and attractiveness of the room. To create a pleasing and comfortable environment,you should select the color which expresses your uniqueness and respective energy you want in the room.

Whether you want a bright and spacious look for your lounge, want to make your bedroom feel warmer and cozier, or want to give a more professional and focused look to your office, selecting the respective color will make all the difference.

Here's a list of a few colors, and the meaning they convey consciously and unconsciously to us. You will decide better as what color rug to choose after you know about the significance of these colors;

  1. Red

Red is the color of passion, action, excitement, joy etc. If you want this type of energy in your surroundings you can pick any shade of red.

  1. Yellow

Yellow gives the cheerful, vibrant vibes. If you want to highlight certain parts of the room, you can use the yellow colored rug in that particular area of your room.

  1. Orange

Orange is a charismatic color, it has the passion of red and the charm of yellow. It's a perfect color to enhance the overall positive energy of the room.

  1. Green

Green signifies balance and harmony. If you want to add this type of energy to your surroundings, selecting one from the different shades of green will be the perfect choice for you.

  1. Blue

Blue adds soothing and calm energy to the room. It's a perfect color for the bedroom etc.

  1. Purple

It's a color that gives the spiritual, wise and peaceful feelings to the environment.

  1. Black

It's the color which is classy and mysterious. Selecting a black rug will make your room look sophisticated and elegant. Black also tends to absorb the negative energies, so selecting black rug could be a very smart choice for you.

  1. White

Pure white is the color that gives the environment a sense of safety and security. Selecting white and mixing it with other colors will give your room a different unique kind of decorativeness.

How to decide what color to choose for your Rug

Here are the 5 tips that will help you select the perfect color of your rug that will increase the beauty and attraction of your room and while expressing your unique style.

  1. Understand what the color means for you and how does it make you feel;

As discussed above, colors can impact the energies of the environment and also influence the moods of people in various ways. So, the color of your rug will definitely do alot to your mental and emotional state when you step in the room. If you are aware of this knowledge about how colors can brighten your day and also spoil it, you will be able to select the perfect color for your rug which fits your desire for the respective room. You will be able to select a creative and motivational type of design for your office, cheerful, vibrantly alive rug for the kid's play room, or a soothing and calm one for the bedroom.

  1. How the light and shadow falls in your room

How lightning and shadow occurs in your room will make a huge difference in how the rug will look in the room. During the different times of the day, the rug will appear different and give different vibes. So understand this and select the rug which suits according to the lighting and shadow happening in the room.

  1. Colors you have in room

Colors of wall and different furniture etc, will determine a lot in how the rug will look in the room. If the rug doesn't match with the colors of your wall etc, it will not make your room look good at all. So select the color which not only matches with the room but also enhances the overall decorativeness of the room.

  1. What inspires you

Look around and get to know what inspires you. You can find inspiration everywhere, local cafes, your friend's place, your neighbors house, some showroom in the mall etc. The best way is look on the internet you will find plenty of designs that will help you decide the perfect rug for you.

  1. Discover your own unique, individual style

Everyone is different and everyone has their own individual style and your house should represent that. So discover your own unique style and select the rug which expresses it perfectly.



  1. What is the color that will make my room more spacious?

Answer.  Any of the light colored rug, like white, off yellow etc will help you in making your room look bigger and more spacious.

  1. What are the current trending designs in rugs?

Answer.  Currently the rugs which are artistic in nature are popular, you can look about them on the internet and select the one which fits best for you.

  1. What will a dark colored rug do to the room?

Answer. A dark colored rug will make the room smaller and more compact. If that's what you want, you can go for any dark shade.

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