9 Tips to Supersize a Smaller Living Room

9 Tips to Supersize a Smaller Living Room

You need to think out of the box when selecting furniture for your small living room. Your room can still pack a punch in terms of good appearance and functionality, although the square footage of your space can be small.

The living room is the primary part of your home, and it is the space where you watch television, socialize, and spend the best time with your family; therefore, making the design work for your home despite the compactness is essential.

There are numerous ways to maximize the sense of space in your living room. Today, you can check out our ideas to supersize your small living room with the best advice on the right colors, furniture pieces from Glara Home, elements, and accessories. These can aid in upsizing the functionality and personality of your living room when done correctly.

In our blog post today, you will come across different ways to design smaller living rooms and tips to make the smallest living room appear proportioned. Therefore, if your living room is small and you wish to create it to seem more extensive, you just need to scroll down.

Take a look down at our following stylish décor ideas for the smaller living rooms now that you have the idea of where to head to; enjoy its fantastic furniture and homeware deals available online!

  1. Use a Wall Unit for storage

You can carefully camouflage a few storage units at the top of your living room walls as you need to benefit from the high-rise ceiling. These wall units can work for storing your stash away, keeping clutters away from the room, and offering sufficient space for the other furniture that is placed. These wall units are best at supersizing the compactness of the living room space.

  1. Use Layered themes

You can use the large-sized rugs that can be placed under your sofa, as the trick is to make your living room appear more spacious and more prominent. In doing so, you can anchor the space, and it can give a good staple piece of décor for the rest of the room. Search for the best home furniture deals online on the more oversized rugs and related furniture by signing up for the crazier sales and avail the discount codes for enjoying more significant savings on each purchase.

  1. Place L-Shape Sofa instead of a corner sofa

To amplify your living room, always select on placing the L-shaped sofa as it can create a cozier corner in the room by opening up this space. The L-shaped sofas are the best furniture pieces for the compact living spaces teamed up with stylish storage trunks with a cute-looking coffee table in the center.

  1. Select Lighter Shades for Walls

If you want to make your living room spacious and supersized, always try out the lighter colors such as dusky lilacs, pale grey, pale blue, and blush pinks for the walls. The shades will make every compact room feels more welcoming, cozy, fresh, and spacious.

  1. Use Stools for seat

You should always select the stools instead of the bulky armchairs when infusing more seating into your compact living rooms. Always search for the stowaway furniture like the stools that can be easily tucked under the coffee table whenever it is not in use.

  1. Always place the mirrors

Mirrors can add a sense of depth to your room as it gives the appearance of spaciousness to your smaller living room. The wall mirrors can reflect both the artificial and natural light directing them into your room to maximize the living room visually. The other way to use the mirrors is to choose the mirrored furniture pieces like the console table, as they have risen to many prominences in recent years.

You need to place the mirrors strategically where the light falls naturally, being one of the old tricks in the book as it helps to improve the natural light, making the room appear brighter and more prominent.

  1. Make your Sofa the Center of attraction

You need to place the sofa in the color that works as a showstopper. You can set the sofa in a manner that can become the room's center of attraction. The sofa in attractive color will direct the attention off from the size of the room and aim it on the furniture instead.

Color blocking is used to make a bold statement of style that uses a combo of larger areas of color, using a contrasting shade for the chairs or even the walls. Ensure to repeat the sofa color while you are accessorizing with the throw pillows and the other home decor items.

  1. Make use of Symmetry

You can create a sense of calmness and balance if your living room lends it to the furniture placement symmetrically. A proper way to create Symmetry is by arranging two smaller loveseats or sofas around the focus


Place your sofa on either side of the coffee table between them if you are fortunate enough to have an architectural feature acting as a natural point of focus. You can create a focal point with larger paintings, even the wall-mounted electric fireplace if you do not.

  1. Use Multi-Functional Furniture

You should be strategic while selecting the multifunctional furniture for the small living room décor. For example, you can use an antique trunk as a storage box or a coffee table, and you can invest in the lidded stools as storage bins that you can use as seating stools.

You can easily add the wall mirrors and the furniture with reflective surfaces, maximizing the amount of natural light that should enter your living room.

Which furniture works for a smaller living room?

Multifunctional furniture is the best for the smaller living room. Perform some furniture searches online from shops like Glara Home that can be used as storage. The furniture recommended is the ones that can be folded or moved around.

It is worth paying attention to getting the best pieces of furniture since your sofa is likely the largest single item for your living room. Our guide has shared some of the great options for the smaller living room spaces and how you can add a sense of spaciousness with the addition of the right furniture. It would allow your eye to travel to the farthest areas of the walls and under your sofa.

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