Vera Corner Sofa Set

Style: Sofa


Dimensions- 800X930X840mm 3-seater Sofa Couch, 2300x930x760mm 1-seater sofa Couch. 

Build to last: A naturally sturdy frame is wrapped in supportive foam cushioning and shiny, soft velvet fabric. It can accommodate 3 to 4 persons, maximum weight capacity of 750 lbs. 

Extra Support: Seat and backrest cushions are secured to the frame and not removable. Throw pillows are cozy, soft and provide extra support to the body.

Why us? Glara Home sofa couches are made in Turkey. We emphasise quality build, clean stitching lines, and skilful craftsmanship. We stand out in the market due to our innovative designs that are rare to find in the market. Our goal is to meet customers’ needs and value their money.

Explore Glara Home Shop to have a look at our exclusive sofa couch collection!

Sizes of Sofa are:

CU.FT. 0,62
DIMENSION 800x930x840 mm

CU.FT. 1,47
DIMENSION 2300x930x760 mm


  • Made in Turkey
  • Velvet fabric
  • Beech and MDF wood
  • Hyper foam
  • Heavy weight and stable on the floor


Selling only on GLARA branches not online.

The above-mentioned prices are per sofa and one chair as you can choose your required quantity of sofas and armchairs.

This item might not be available in stock, please contact our sales representatives via chat of our website or email or Whatsapp text +16048093134.

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