Society Dinning

Style: Dinning Set


The Society Dining Set has a beautiful and stylish appearance. It will help you create a beautiful and cozy environment for a family-owned company.

With the industrial design, the cream sofa couch and bench are stylish and distinct addition to your kitchen. You can easily push the bench and chairs under the table to save space in the dining room. 

The frame is crafted from, top-notch quality wood – beech and MDF. The seats are filled with hyper foam and finished with velvet fabric. The seats are luxurious, cozy and sturdy to withstand all-day hassle.

The sturdy table is spacious and perfect for a large family feast. Our Society dining is ready to accompany you with its quality build, attractive design and comfortable chairs. 

Manufactured from highly professional machinery in Turkey. Glara Home adopts standard procedure, innovative designs and premium materials to bang on with extraordinary furniture items.

Explore Glara Shop to have a look at our furniture collection.

We sold the showcase and console separately. The showcase is stylish and quite different from the traditional designs. Whereas, the console is eye-catchy and has stylish cabinets. Both compliments the dining table and help you create a stylish dining area.

Pricing Details: 

  • Price includes table with 6 chairs
  • Table is fit for 8 chairs
  • Each extra chair is costs $400


  • Made in Turkey
  • Velvet and leather chairs
  • Beech and MDF wood


This item might not be available in stock, please contact our sales representatives via chat of our website or email or whatsapp text +16048093134

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