Magnum Sofa Set

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Unique Design: The cheetah-print sofa set is an innovative sofa design by Glara Home. The Magnum Sofa set is simply DEVINE! It features a cheetah print armchair and cushions along with a golden sofa set that makes it an extraordinary sofa couch.

Sturdy Wooden Frame: The structure is framed in beech and MDF wood with hyper foam padding covered in a smooth velvet fabric. The durable, sturdy structure takes years to last and is ready to face all-day hassle. 

Cozy Seat Cushions: Sofa seats, seat cushions and backrest cushions are filled with hyper foam. The cushions are ultra-soft and will not deform easily. You will feel a sense of relief every time you sit or lay over it.

Fine Finishes: The fine velvet fabric finishes add an extra spark to the overall sofa couch. It appears aesthetically pleasing and welcoming for the guests and visitors.

Minimal Care: It requires low maintenance and occasionally vacuuming. A perfect sofa set for living rooms, bedrooms, waiting areas, and hotels.


  • Made in Turkey
  • Velvet fabric
  • Beech and MDF wood
  • Hyper foam
  • Heavyweight and stable on the floor


Selling only on GLARA branches not online.

This set may not be available in stock. Please contact sales on chat to make sure of its availability. 

The above-mentioned prices are per one sofa and one chair as you can choose your required quantity of sofas and armchairs

This item might not be available in stock, please contact our sales representatives via chat of our website or email or WhatsApp text : +16048093134

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