Lounge Sofa Set

Style: Sofa


Lounge Sofa Couch is a beautiful addition to the living room that is spacious and comfortable. The look and feel of this model are unique compared to the competitors. You can lay down or have a small nap on this sofa couch.

It provides you comfort, warmth and pleasure. The cushioned armrest gives a cozy support to your back and body. It’s perfect for modern apartments, condos and small sitting areas. For the large living room, you can place armchairs as well.
Highlighted features:

  • Button-tufted backrest
  • Cushioned Armrest
  • Stylish metallic stands as legs 
  • Spacious, well-cushioned seats
  • Soft Throw pillows
  • Velvet –Soft and fine finishes
  • Stylish Armchair
  • Available in Black and cream


  • Made in Turkey
  • Velvet fabric
  • Beech and MDF wood
  • Hyper foam
  • Heavyweight and stable on the floor


The above-mentioned prices are per one sofa and one chair as you can choose your required quantity of sofas and armchairs

This item might not be available in stock, please contact our sales representatives via chat on our website or email info@glarashop.ca or WhatsApp text +16048093134

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