Donia(214-31) Modern Rug

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Size: 6’7’’x 10’ (200x300) cm
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Are you seeking a Modern, Cool & Comfy rug for your living area? Stop your struggle; here we have the right carpet that will make your space an elite one!

The Modern rug has no vivid design or pattern; it’s a flawless intermixing of light and dark color tones. It seems really impressive and unique as you step into the room. The Modern rug allows you to decorate your interior with light and dark tones.

The Viscos Rug is soft, cozy and provides the necessary traction to step with confidence. The rug stays flat on the surface and will not skid or misplace. Moreover, you can move furniture or other heavy objects easily. It will not obstruct their way and allow convenient placement.

Available in 5’ x 7’, 6’7” x 10’, 8’ x 11’ the small size rug is best to use for a side-sitting area, the medium size is best to use for the living room, and the large size rug works well for waiting area or more.

The rug is kid-friendly; they can sit, play and learn easily. It’s so comfy that all you need is a pillow to make your kid sleep over it. The stylish modern rug is ready to face all-day activities without losing its glory.

Require low maintenance and dry quickly. All you need to do is spot cleaning and regular vacuuming.

Product Specifications

  • Made in: Iran
  • Pile Material: Viscous
  • Warranty: Three Year


Care Instructions:

  • Washable Rugs – Either by Traditional washing or Dry carpet machine washing
  • Easy to clean – Vacuum the rug every day normally
  • The color of the rug will not fade or change even after spilling a liquid or under direct sunlight for drying purposes.
  • It is advisable to avoid the use of harsh chemicals or bleach

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