Earth Classic Navy Rug (H1201)


Size: 4’ X 6’ (120x180)CM


Traditional, Classic & Modern Turkish Rug to embellish your home.

The Turkish rug has a beautiful woven design using dark and light hues in a balanced way. The square boxes, side borders and traditional design make it a unique piece of art.

It will beautify your space in a dynamic way. The dark brown carpet goes well with light furniture such as white / cream sofa couch. It looks stunning on the wooden floor and with white decors.  The color and design of this modern Turkish rug pop out by keeping the light color furniture & decor around it.  

Superior Comfort! Glara Home Turkish rugs are meant to keep you cozy and warm. You will feel a sense of relief every time you step on it. 

Thick, Dense & Durable Turkish Rug!

This rug is made up of top-notch quality polyester and cotton material. The machine woven pile height is 15mm and up to 1,000,000 points.  The heavy-duty carpet is highly durable and takes years to last.  The high-quality thread will not shed or fade in case of spills.

Product Specifications

  • Made in: Turkey
  • Collection: Diamond
  • Construction: Machine Woven Pile Height 15 mm and 1,000,000 points
  • Pile Material: Polyester and Cotton 

Care Instructions:

  • Washable Rugs – Either by Traditional washing or Dry carpet machine washing
  • Easy to clean – Vacuum the rug every day normally
  • The color of the rug will not fade or change even after spilling a liquid or under direct sunlight for drying purposes.
  • It is advisable to avoid the use of harsh chemicals or bleach

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