Parham Blue Traditional Rug Hallway Runner
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700 Reeds and 3000 Density   

Made in                                        Iran.  

Construction                                machine weaved / Hand Look  

Knots/m2                                      700,000                

Thickness.                                    12mm  

Weft Yarn.                                    Cotton  

Pile Yarn                                       Acrylic heated set, Hypoallergenic                          


Product Description  

 Introducing our soft and luxurious traditional rug in a vibrant bright blue color. This rug combines the comfort of a plush texture with the timeless charm of traditional design, creating a captivating addition to your living space.

The bright blue color of this rug brings a sense of vibrancy and energy to your room. It adds a pop of color that instantly uplifts the ambiance and creates a focal point in any setting. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or any other area, this rug will infuse your space with a fresh and invigorating atmosphere.

Crafted with softness in mind, our rug offers a luxurious and cozy feel underfoot. The plush texture creates a comforting sensation, making it a pleasure to walk or relax on. The softness of the rug adds an extra layer of comfort to your living space, allowing you to unwind and enjoy its indulgent touch.

Tow year warranty     

Care instruction  

  • Stain Resistant  
  • Shed-Free  
  •  Easy to Clean 


Vacuum regularly, the stain is removable by hand with warm water, and liquid soap or carpet detergent. Commercial or home carpet cleaning machine to wash this rug when needed. Simply let it get some fresh air in its own spot or an open space after machine washing to dry.  Do not use bleaching chemicals.