Azarakhsh Black

SKU: Azarakhsh Black

Size: 3' X 5' (100X150) CM


Azarakhsh Black is one of the most dignified gracious Rugs for Living rooms, Bedrooms, drawing rooms and dining areas.

The  Traditional Azarakhsh Black Persian Rug can make any area luxurious, dynamic and eye-catchy. The black base along with impactful Persian design appears aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

It’s available in multiple sizes including (100 x 150 cm), (120 x 180 cm), (150 x 225 cm),(200 x300 cm), (250 x 350 cm) and 300 x 400 cm).

  • 100 x150 cm & 120 x 180 cm – Small bedrooms, home offices, dining areas, under coffee tables or studios
  • 250 X 255 CM & 200 X300 cm – Medium size bedrooms, living rooms, decks or other indoor areas
  • 250 x 350 cm & 300 x 400 cm – Large Living rooms, Hotel’s waiting area, Large Villas and Mansions.

The Cream / Golden and Black Rug stand out with a cream interior design. On the hand, it looks awesome if you place dark grey sofa couches around it.  It gives a pop-up effect with white flooring and matches well with wooden floors.

Glara Home Azarakhsh Black New Rug has 3 million points, 4000 density and 100% acrylic thread. It has a high resolution and is extremely sturdy & durable.

Product Specifications:

  • Collection: 1200 Reed
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Density: 1200 Reed and 4000 Density
  • Sleep Thread: 3 million points Sleep thread 100% acrylic
  • Yarn: 100% acrylic with cotton
  • Sleep height: 6 mm
  • Weight per square meter: 3.65 kg
  • Warranty: Three-Year

Care Instructions:

  • Washable Rugs – Either by Traditional washing or Dry carpet machine washing
  • Easy to clean – Vacuum the rug every day normally
  • The color of the rug will not fade or change even after spilling a liquid or under direct sunlight for drying purposes.
  • It is advisable to avoid the use of harsh chemicals or bleach

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