Avin Black

SKU: Avin Black

Size: 5’ X 7’ 6" (150X225) CM


Avin Black Persian rug offers ultimate comfort without compromising style!

Arvin Black has a dynamic design with a four-sided border and a central large floral impact in cream color. The black & cream contrasting color along with magnificent design improve the overall look and feel of your living room

The beauty of this rug is that it is compatible with both light and dark furniture & floorings. The side borders will make a perfect match with cream/ furniture whereas the black base complements dark grey and blue Sofa couches.

The impressive black check design is unique!

Glara Home utilizes highly skilful craftsmanship, premium materials and standard manufacturing procedures. We used 100% acrylic with cotton yarn and 100% acrylic sleep thread. The sleeping height is 6mm which is highly soft and plush.

In addition, it weighs 3.65kg per square meter that’s why it stays flat on a surface. It eliminates the issue of slipping and tripping. You don’t need to buy an antiskid pad for this rug.

No Shedding! The high-quality acrylic thread is weaved strongly. The thread will not shed easily. Moreover, the color of the carpet will not fade even after several years.

Require low maintenance, Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning.

Product Specifications:

  • Collection: 1200 Reed
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Density: 1200 Reed and 4000 Density
  • Sleep Thread: 3 million points Sleep thread 100% acrylic
  • Yarn: 100% acrylic with cotton 
  • Sleep height: 6 mm
  • Weight per square meter: 3.65 kg
  • Warranty: Three-Year

Care Instructions:

  • Washable Rugs – Either by Traditional washing or Dry carpet machine washing
  • Easy to clean – Vacuum the rug every day normally
  • The color of the rug will not fade or change even after spilling a liquid or under direct sunlight for drying purposes.
  • It is advisable to avoid the use of harsh chemicals or bleach

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