Capella Dinning



Capella Dining Table with 6 chairs, Console and Showcase is a stunning complete dining room unit. The choice is your's either you want to buy only a dining table & chairs or a complete unit. 

Raise your living standards and demonstrate your classy interior choice!!

Construction: Made up of premium grade hardwood- beech and MDF. The sturdy dining table and chairs are highly durable and take years to last.

Modern interior design: The Modern and stylish dining chairs are Elite class and sophisticated. The leather and velvet-made chairs are highly comfortable to eat your meal in comfort. 

Quality Build: The console and showcase also fulfilled the Glara home quality standards. The exclusive design, fine finishes and clean infrastructure can help you create a dynamic environment. 

The entire design is incredible, the stylish chairs, table legs, console mirror and showcase design. It's a perfect addition to your home dining areas. 


  • Console Mirror (W x H): 690 x 890mm 
  • Console (W X L x H): 2140 x 490 x 800 mm
  • Showcase (W X LX H): 1280X500X 1670 mm
  • Dinning Table (W XL X H): 1000x2050x760 mm
  • Dinning chair (W XL XH): 550 x 600 x 900 mm


  • Mentioned Price includes a table with 6 chairs
  • Table is fit for 8 chairs
  • Each extra chair costs $400
  • Console +mirror price $1850
  • Showcase price $1650


Made in Turkey
Velvet and leather chairs
Beech and MDF wood



This item might not be available in stock, please contact our sales representatives via chat of our website or email or whatsapp text +16048093134

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